Business Development

Doing Business with Rightway Energy

Rightway Energy’s corporate development group identifies acquisition, joint venture and/or partnership opportunities that maximize the value of Rightway’s existing core assets and expand its reach into new growth areas where its technical, financial, and operational strengths can play a meaningful role. Rightway Energy is well-positioned to grow through organic exploration and development projects; however, it actively seeks strategic acquisitions and joint ventures that complement its corporate mission.

Rightway Energy is actively purchasing large and small mineral interests across North America.

If you are a mineral owner and you are interested in receiving an offer for all or part of your mineral/royalty, please contact us to learn about our open and honest process.

Reasons to Sell

  • The future value of your payment stream is uncertain and you desire an upfront payment.
  • Your interest is small and a hassle to account for on your yearly income tax.
  • You have immediate cash needs and want to quickly liquidate this asset.
  • Estate planning process and asset diversification
  • Reduce exposure to volatility of commodity prices

Please contact us for additional information.